Myohydro®-Therapy by HP Markus Rachl

The ongoing training sessions in Germany takes place:
in Leverkusen in the motion bath of Physiotherapy in the local clinic.
in Cologne: SSI Dive Center Köln , Aachenerstrasse 548, 50226 Frechen-Königsdorf. Wetsuits are available in all sizes.

The requirement for participating is a medical background or job of some sort for example physiotherapist, doctor, and naturopath.
All participants will complete the 8 day remedial course on the treatment of functional muscle-meridians in theory and practice. The training will be didactically accompanied by Dr. Damir del Monte (geb. Lovric) institute “Encephalon” in Karlsruhe.

Should you already have had Myoreflextherapy training after Dr. Mosetter, you can directly join the ad-on sessions in water. Here you will learn to treat the muscles, whilst the patients are moved in the water, with or without neoprene. This will give you the opportunity to treat the patients gently and less painful. You will learn about indications and contradictions.
At a certain level, you can qualify for treatment sessions abroad, by the sea. This training entails a qualification in free diving * or **. This enables you to move and relax under water so that you can swim with dolphins (Bahamas) or sea turtles (Turkey) for a long time.