Free diving

Follow me into the fascinating underwater world. As instructor after I.A.C. (Umberto Pelizzari and Werner Giove) I can train and qualify you for free diving, working together with Werner Giove’s free diving academy. This sport is carried out by many people, to achieve full relaxation.
I am often told that the relaxation methods patients have tried do not result in desired effects. Rather, they feel uncomfortable or stressed. Free diving is about total relaxation, by which we achieve staying under water longer. This is especially nice, when we use it to encounter sea turtles (Turkey) or dolphins (Bahamas), without having to bring a complete diving kit. We can reach these goals by applying different Yoga, Pranayama or Power-KiD techniques, which you will learn during preparation.
This sport helps therapists to train in a more conscious and deep breathing, very different to what I have so far experienced in physiotherapeutic breathing therapies. The treatment methods are positively influenced by this, so that also patients benefit from it. My trainers in Egypt showed me how they can decrease heart frequency by 20 beats per minute, with only 2 deep breaths, which results in maximum relaxation.