In my practice in Cologne-Lindenthal patients are treated with Myoreflextherapy, after Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter.
Our treatment team as well as several office workers are available to look after your recovery. Usually two therapists are responsible for one patient. Trained in Physiotherapy, Myoreflextherapy, Myohydrotherapy and Naturopathy several and very effective methods are available which we will explain during your treatment session, so that your muscles can fully relax. We will listen to how your pain history developed and then we will look for a strategy and solution for treating your muscular network. You will be taught very simple exercises to do at home, that combine stretching and strength. These exercises have the advantage that they can be out very quickly and any place. The sportier you want to carry out the exercises the more dynamic they will be developed for you.
Not far from my Cologne practice Myohydrotherapy, after HP Markus Rachl,is carried out and practiced in an indoor pool at SSI Dive Center Köln, Aachener Str. 548, 50226 Frechen – Königsdorf every Monday.Oftentimes our patients combine Myoreflex – and Myohydrotherapy, one at land, the other in water. Both therapies have individual advantages we can use for recovery.
It is Germany’s first centre for Myohydrotherapy and sensomotoric development progression.

The ongoing training courses for therapists take place in the Leverkusen Clinic (by Prof. Bastian).