Body and soul
Psychological processes are always reflected in physical constitution. In turn, the body is foundation and carrier of psychological issues. Successful prevention and therapy means to acknowledge the complexity of the human body and soul and see them as one.
Prevention and regulation
Feeling uncomfortable, pain and illness can be perceived as a disturbance of inner balance, whether in regards to the interaction of organs and inner systems or the complicated interconnectedness of muscles and movement.
With my technique I am aiming to activate and train our organism’s inner regulatory system. With training or touching therapeutic pressure points, stimuli are created and thereby regulation processes activated, which will lead to a new balance and healing.

Muscular imbalance and pain
A lot of pain is created by an imbalance in the muscular body system. Tensions are most result of accidents, overload, not enough exercise or psychological trauma. The interplay of muscles becomes imbalanced. Strength is no longer balanced or in harmony, leading to relieving postures. Aches emerge as the body’s own warning signal.

It is both interesting and astonishing that the pain causing regions are not always identical. The problem is created indirectly via the interplay of the muscle chains. This realization is interesting for all patients who have been treated over years, without success.

Harmonizing the imbalance
Myotherapies are a great supplement to classic medicine. The idea and methods are related to the healthy body’s function (physiology) and are uncomplicated and effective. By therapeutically overloading the muscle tension, regulatory mechanisms are activated, which lead to a long lasting solution to the high tension and in harmonizing the movement-geometry. As a result, freedom from pain and relaxation for body and soul are created.

Fields of application

Diseases of the entire muscoloskeletal system

  • Lumbago, rotator cuff syndrome, lumbo-sciatica
  • HWS-syndrome, whiplash, disc-prolapse
  • Arthrosis, functional join blockage, scoliosis

Functional organ disfunction

  • Asthma, functional hypertension, functional cardiac arrhythmias, vision disorders

Connection of head joints with ear and jaw for example

  • Jaw problems, migrane, bogus

Psycho-traumatic burdens and stress

  • Tension and movement blockages

Myohydro- and myoreflextherapy as complementary trauma therapy

  • Myohydro- and myoreflextherapy can be applied as counterpart to psycho-traumatology.