The development of Myohydrotherapy

My idea of combining both treatment methods was developed through the experiences gathered from numerous travels and observing how therapy centers world-wide work with captive dolphins and disabled people. And so, my determination grew, to encounter these animals in the wild, in their natural surroundings, where we, humans, are guests. This also applies to dolphins kept in large sea water tanks, as they lack ocean depth. Even for experienced divers and free swimmers this feels like a prison. In numerous conversations with trainers and therapists, with professors (Prof. Dr. Erwin Breitenbach), who carry out scientific research on this particular issue, I realized that a targeted therapy in water is needed that can help even without dolphin contact. That’s how I developed Myohydrotherapy. If on top of this dolphin encounters in the wild take place, the effects of treatment can be enhanced. To enable this, I am working together with a group on the Bahamas (Wildquest) that have several years of experience with free dolphins.
In the therapy training and the weekly specials all around Myohydrotherapy, I combine my 25 years of experience with the treatment of ill people and a sport that is called free diving. The core aim of this sport is to relax and thereby enhance performance. For most other types of sport, the primary goal is to increase performance. In the classes that I offer as professional free driving instructor after i.a.c. (Umberto Pelizzari and Werner Giove), you will learn how to fully relax and thereby increase performance.
Follow me into the exciting world of therapy and sports.