7/4/2016, Mrs. P.K. from Cologne :I have the feeling of weightlessness, I “feel” the water and notice that my body comes “in the lot”. I forget time and space. The pain in the cervical spine area can be reduced quickly and I would like to be treated only in the water in the future.

7/18/2016, Mrs.N.T. from Langerwehe: both the treatment on the treatment bank in practice and the water treatment (Myohydro) I find sensational. At my first Myohydro today I had
“mental” relaxation.In the future I prefer the water treatment, because the pain points I don`t feel so much.

8/29/2016, Mr. O.A. from St.Augustin : I feel in the water where the body meridians run. It’s a new experience for me.

11/7/2016, Mr. K.L. from Troisdorf: I had a land and a water treatment so far. Both were good, but in the water I can relax better.

7/3/2017, Mrs. S.H. from Frechen: the head treatment in the water is much more pleasant than on land. Mr. Rachl also finds the pressure points through the neoprene suit that I have to wear in order not to cool out in the water during the 50 minute treatment A great advantage is that I do not have any body support points like the one on the treatment bench because of the “hovering on the water” but only the points of contact through the therapist.

7/24/2017, Mrs.L.V. from Erftstadt: I feel like an empty plastic bottle on the water, as I drift on the surface of the water, do not sink, nor swallow any water. I could not imagine how beautiful it was before the treatment. Thanks for the great experience!

10/16/2017, Mrs. B.J. from Cologne : I am nervous and excited, since water is not my element, but I wanted to try the new therapy form of Mr. Rachl absolutely and I am totally thrilled. I feel that something has “loosened” in my chest.

01/15/2018 : Mrs. H.K. from Bonn : I feel better in the water how the pain dissolves and it is good to be treated for an hour.
Floating in the water is much more pleasant than the hard treatment bench.

02/19/2018, Mr. O.U.from Wiehl : Myohydro is an interesting experience for me. The treatment is much more relaxing in the water
as on the treatment bench, I come into a kind of “Twilight State” at the end of the Treatment.I don`t feel my weight. I imagine:
This is how an embryo feels in the amniotic fluid.

02/19/2018, Mr. J.L. from Erkelenz : I am the second time to Myohydro and I notice that the shoulder is free. The water treatment is good
for me and I can relax totally.