Myohydro-Therapy in Deutschland

Treatment site 2017:
SSI Dive Center Köln , Aachenerstrasse 548, 50226 Frechen-Königsdorf

Wetsuits are available in all sizes. Oftentimes our patients combine Myoreflex- and Myohydrotherapy, one at land, the other in water. Both therapies have individual advantages we can use for recovery. One treatment is about 1 hour and is delivered in the double set, as private medical practitioners performance, in accounting.
If you are interested and want to make appointments, please call us (0221/16896105).
2016: Mondays.

Leverkusen Clinic (by Prof. Bastian).
Moreover the training centre for therapists and lecture programmes will be located here.
It will be Germany’s first centre for Myohydrotherapy and sensomotoric development progression.
The ongoing training course takes place here. If you are interessted, please call our Office (0049 221/16896105).