Waterplaced Therapy

Looking at the following pages, you will come to understand what Myotherapy (Greek for muscle = myos) is all about, what conditions it can help with and how I developed the Myohydrotherapy from Myoreflextherapy and several other influences. Furthermore, you will learn about other treatment locations both national and international. At our Ciralli/Turkey and Bimini/Bahamas locations, you can experience a combination of Myohydrotherapy and wild dolphin encounters.

From 20 years of experience as lifesaving swimmer, free diving with wild dolphins and myoreflextherapy as therapist and trainer, a new treatment method has been developed. Some elements of Aquabalancing and Watsu are also incorporated.

The therapy takes place in water, meaning the patients lie on swim-aids in water. Thereby they can be treated on the head, back and chest area, arms and legs at the same time and gently be moved in water. Thus, the benefits of Myoreflextherapy can be combined with the relaxing effect of warm water, weightlessness and non-verbal contact.

Practice in water is useful for locomotory system diseases (for example Arthritis) and for people with need of physical or mental support. The water has a temparature of 30°C – 35° C where one can reside for longer time periods without being cold. When water temperatures are lower, we work with neoprene suits. The name of the method has been registered with the domestic market (HABM) as trademark.

Appointments 2017:
You can make an apointment in my office for mondays.
The length of one therapy session is 60 minutes and will be accounted for as private naturopath service. Wetsuits are available.

Place of treatment:
SSI Dive Center Köln
Aachenerstrasse 548
50226 Frechen-Königsdorf

Yours, Markus Rachl

Thank you very much me-di-kom Karlsruhe for the Logo Myohydo
Photo: Jürgen Lieb