Publications – literature

2001 Myoreflextherapie – Gesundheitstraining und neuromuskuläre Selbstregulation

Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter, Reiner Mosetter, Markus Rachl.

A practice and advice book for KiD exercises and nutritional tips. Vesalius Publishers, Konstanz. Order at practice Gutach 07833/8424.

Publication in german language

2006 Tense to relax

Markus Rachl, Mosetter.

A practice book for archers and people that suffer from pain.Also for people interested in archery.
GFT Publishers, Schenkenzell.

Publication in german language

2008 Arthrosis and the cartilage-eaters

Markus Rachl, Sandra v. Kuhnhardt

A book, to teach little kids muscle hygiene closely aligned with the concept of dental hygiene. Attached is a poster with exercises for children, which can be hung on the wall. As adults find it difficult to follow up with exercises when the pain has passed, the idea of exercises for children was developed.

Versalius Publishers, Konstanz.

Pubilcaton in german language

2008 Antistress-training with a punchbag

Markus Rachl, Michael Kopper

Training from different medical perspectives. For many who regularly do combat sport. Also for patients that have to process traumatic experiences. Training according to newest scientific insights.

GFT Verlag, Schenkenzell

Publicaton in german language.

2012: Great healers of the world, S.271-275

Heike Katzmarzik, Trinity-Verlag