Muscular imbalance and pain

A lot of pain is created by an imbalance in the muscular body system. Tensions are most result of accidents, overload, not enough exercise or psychological trauma. The interplay of muscles becomes imbalanced. Strength is no longer balanced or in harmony, leading to relieving postures. Aches emerge as the body’s own warning signal.


It is both interesting and astonishing that the pain causing regions are not always identical. The problem is created indirectly via the interplay of the muscle chains. This realization is interesting for all patients who have been treated over years, without success.

Harmonizing the imbalance

Myotherapies are a great supplement to classic medicine. The idea and methods are related to the healthy body’s function (physiology) and are uncomplicated and effective. By therapeutically overloading the muscle tension, regulatory mechanisms are activated, which lead to a long lasting solution to the high tension and in harmonizing the movement-geometry. As a result, freedom from pain and relaxation for body and soul are created.

Myohydrotherapy® by HP Markus Rachl and
Myoreflextherapy® by Dr. med. Kurt Mosetter

- based on the same principles.

The Myoreflextherapy takes place on land and Myohydrotherapy both on land and in warm water. Patients are treated muscularly or analogue at acupuncture points. Both methods combine the points in specific pathways in life and track records of patients through muscle chains (anatomy) i.e. meridians (TCM).

Both methods involve painful perception of muscle tension. As opposed to treatment on land, in water the pain is not perceived as intensely, due to the need of less pressure being applied on the points. In water, points are shoved rather than pressed.

During Myohydrotherapy, patients ideally lie in warm water, which already leads to relaxation and therefore an easier treatment. Usually, neoprene suits are put on during treatment, to protect patients from cooling. The suit also shields patients from other people watching.
A significant difference between both treatment methods is the intensity of conversation during treatment. Whilst at land there is much room for talking, in water there is barely any conversation, which many patients prefer. Floating and being weightlessness, patients feel rather than think.

A further distinction is that patients can be moved three-dimensional. This helps in finding deep tensions that are harder to find on the treatment couch.

The Myohydrotherapy after Markus Rachl will, is possible, be complemented with wild dolphin encounters. There will be no work with imprisoned or captive dolphins, as opposed to other “dolphin therapies”. Only encounters in open waters without touching the animals will take place, to protect these and to keep the animal’s authentic curiosity intact.