“Dehnkraft” – Prevention and training

Mass- and competitive sports

Since 1996 mass- and competitive sports training in theory and practice are offered in light of the “Dehnkraft” training program.
So far training reports include;
Football players (FC Bayern-Munich), handball, gymnastics (Olympics squad), JuJutsu, JiuJitsu (reigning world champion), Luta Livre, wresting (Olympic participants), ski clubs, DLRG-lifesaving (national champions).
How all goals can be reached in a short time, will be explained to athletes in theory and practice.

Learn from competitive sportsmen

All “Dehnkraft”-program training elements can be used as effective prevention method, as therapy support and complement, to reduce stress and for general activation of regeneration for adults and children.

Musculature and posture in the change of time